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Due to the Covid-19 virus, I am only contracting for virtual coaching. I will still be offering a Meet & Greet via Zoom at no charge. If you choose to engage, the Discovery Session and coaching will take place virtually via Zoom technology. If you feel you just need to be coached on better planning and time management, you do not have to commit to more than 1 session. Obviously, coaching works best when committing to weekly sessions, but given we are near the end of the school year, I understand if you just need one or two sessions to help guide you through your new format of learning.

Virtual coaching is not new to me. I have been coaching clients virtually since beginning my business and it works very well for coaching purposes. Please reach out to me by phone or email if you are interested in virtual coaching at this time. 

I became a life skills coach with the specific intent to help young people that are having difficulty with some or all executive functions

After spending over 10 years working with my child who has ADHD and developing strategies to help her succeed, I knew that I needed to share my passion and skills.

I have extensive training on working with students with executive function weaknesses, both from ODU when studying for my teaching licensure, as well as from JST Coaching, world renowned for their specialized ADHD coach training. 

As a teacher in Fairfax County, I was very successful helping all students succeed by providing choices in how to learn. Coaching uses a similar approach, since a coach guides the client into identifying ways to meet a goal.

Whether the focus is on academics or some other aspect of life that is holding a person back from being the best they can be, I am passionately committed to helping my clients reach their goals.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a method in which YOU, the client, figure out what works for YOU with the assistance of a coach. The coaching process empowers a person to try new ways of doing things that might not have been considered previously.

The coach utilizes a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire the client. A partnership between the coach and client develops to maximize the client's potential. 

Coaching is completely goal-focused. Long and short term realistic goals are identified and actions to reach these goals are created. Sessions then focus on the actions and next steps to reach those goals.

Would you benefit from a coach?

These are just some of the executive functions we can work on together. 

planning; homework, study, projects, sports, college, research paper
time management; schoolwork, hobbies, home chores/duties
prioritizing; doing what needs to be done vs. only doing what is fun or easy
organizing; agendas, backpack, lockers, sports equip., room
paying attention; focus for lectures, conversations, note taking
proper social skills; listening, filtering thoughts, friendships
controlling impulses; self-regulation with food, money, and other activities

About the Coach; Bonnie Little

In addition to completing the ACSTH approved "Empowering students through coaching" program from JST Coaching & Training, I have an ACC certification from the International Coach Federation. I have a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University and received a teaching certificate from Old Dominion University. I am a member of the ADHD Resource Group of NoVA, CHADD, and the ADHD Coaches Organization ACO


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