Initial Meeting

After communicating by phone or email and determining if coaching is an option, a no obligation meeting is scheduled. This meeting takes no more than 45 minutes and at least one sponsor (parent/guardian) and the potential client must be present.

The coaching process, requirements and fees are further explained and we determine if there is a good fit between coach (myself) and client.

To schedule an Initial meeting call 571-306-2932 or email blittle@windingroadcoaching.com

Discovery Session

Once the client and sponsor (parent) have decided to hire a coach, a packet of information will be sent. This packet must be returned at least 2 days before the Discovery session is scheduled. During the Discovery session, the coach will better get to know the client and initial goals will be established. This meeting takes 1 hour and is billable.

Monthly plans

Coaching plans include sessions and check-ins. Plans usually include one coaching session per week though additional sessions may be contracted for if the client or sponsor requests. Fees also include 1-2 client check-ins by text or email. Clients can check-in with questions or problems at any unscheduled time, but the required check-ins are mandatory for accountability. A 15 minute monthly briefing with the sponsor is also included. These are generally performed by phone. In order for coaching to be successful,  3 months of coaching is recommended though not mandatory. 

Fee Structure

The Discovery Session takes  1  hour and the fee is $100.00, which includes the review of paperwork & client set up. This is a one time fee. Because everyone is different, coaching is customized to the needs of the client. Fees are based on the modality (in-person vs. phone/virtual) selected. In-person coaching is currently $75 for a 45-60 minute weekly session and 1-2 email or text check-ins in between as well as 1 10-15 minute monthly sponsor briefing by phone. Phone/Virtual coaching is currently $60 for a 45-60 minute weekly session or $60 for 2 30 minute sessions, 1-2 email/text check-ins and one 10-15 minute monthly sponsor briefing. Single weekly 30 minute virtual or phone sessions are available as an exception, and determined on an as needed basis.

Note: Briefings will be explained during the initial meeting as confidentiality between client and coach must be adhered to at all times.

Coaching fees are due at the end of the month for the next month of coaching and check-ins. Checks and credit cards are accepted for payment. Clients or sponsors are invoiced for sessions. Changes or Cancellations made 48 hours before the session are credited (excluding emergencies).