Procrastination special

For the student that has waited to do a paper or project, I will coach you towards a plan to get it done at the nth hour. We skip the Discovery session which is required for clients that want to work on reaching multiple goals. We meet for 1-2 hours and focus 100% on what needs to be completed and how to get it done by the due date. Call for details to see if this is right for you. This is a one time commitment for $75/hr. in-person and $60/hr. virtually.. 

Note: The due date must be at least 2 days after the coaching session.

College Search

If you are a junior or senior and are planning to go to college or a trade school, but don't have any idea what you want to study and where you want to go, we can figure it out.

You will be coached privately for 4 sessions. Each session will focus on helping you figure out what to do after High School. 

  • Session 1: Identify interests, skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • Session 2: Identify what you want in a college, i.e. location, size, type, etc.
  • Session 3: Research costs to attend choices; tuition, room & board, etc.
  • Session 4: Identify goals for meeting requirements of selected schools.

This is not a program that does the work for you. This is a program that directs you to do the work and  empowers you, as a young adult, to think about your future and plan for it. Cost: $300 in person, $240 virtual.