In-home coaching

All coaching is customized to the needs of the client. If one-on-one coaching within the home is desired, I will work with you to set up a convenient time for this. You may also choose to do a combination of in-home and Skype coaching within the monthly schedule. Unfortunately, weekly in-home coaching is only available for Eastern Loudoun clients. A combination of in-home and Skype coaching may be available for other areas within Loudoun county and beyond.

Phone or Skype Coaching

Teens 13 and above, as well as college students, generally prefer a video based coaching session. Most video-based coaching is 30 minutes long, though longer sessions are available if needed. Session length is based on attention span. In most cases, more can be accomplished in a shorter period of time if focus is an executive function weakness.

Monthly Programs

Coaching plans include sessions and check-ins. Plans usually include one coaching session per week, with 2 check-ins by text or email. Check-ins are scheduled after each session for accountability. In addition, clients can check-in with questions or problems at any unscheduled time. In order for coaching to be successful, we recommend at least 3 months of coaching. 

Introductory Session

Once the client and sponsor (parent) has decided to hire a coach, a packet of information will be sent. This packet needs to be completed at least 2 days before the introductory session is scheduled. During the introductory meeting, the paperwork will be reviewed with the sponsor and client and initial goals will be established. This meeting generally takes up to 2 hours and is billed in addition to the coaching sessions.

Fee structure

Because everyone is different, coaching is customized to the needs of the client. Fees are based on the modality (in-person vs. Skype) selected and amount of session time. Coaching fees are due the month before for a month of coaching and check-ins. Checks and credit cards are accepted for payment. 

Meet and Greet

If you would like to schedule a 20-30 minute meeting by phone or in-person, to learn more about coaching, call 571-306-2932 or email